With only $60, a child can attend the school for a whole year without having to worry about anything.

Even these days, due to war and poverty, over 200 million children all around the world go to work that’s in dangerous working conditions or set out to beg on the streets instead of going to school in the early morning.

Also, it’s reported that over 22,000 children die every year at worksites.

Currently, 68 million children who reached the school age cannot afford to attend the school (UNESCO, 2010) and 26 million among them are Asian children.

Started with building Sujata Academy in the village of Untouchables called Dhungeshwari in 1994, JTS has been continuing to build schools for children in the Philippines, Cambodia, Indonesia and Burma. For May and June, JTS America is fund-raising for the campaign to enable 1,500 children to attend the school. This will promote the educational opportunity for those children in the remote villages in Asia, and prevent the illiteracy and poverty in the region from being passed down.

Please spread the word about the campaign. We sincerely ask for your support and cooperation.

These poor children on the other side of the pond are friends of your precious children. Please help them go to school every morning just like your children!