Introduction of JTS


JTS is an NGO that tries to eradicate starvation, diseases and illiteracy in the world. JTS is an abbreviation of Join Together Society.


Motto of JTS

The hungry should be fed.
The sick should be treated.
Children should be educated in a timely manner.
JTS cultivates hope in the midst of human tragedies.

JTS means…


JTS is a society where warmhearted people who want to help the people in difficult situation join us, donate what they have and work together regardless of their race, religion, nationality, sex, thought and ideology.


Goal of JTS


We want to share what we have with people who suffer from poverty, discrimination, illiteracy, starvation and sickness to put our heart for philanthropy into practice. We have worked in the third world such as India to eradicate starvation, diseases and illiteracy. We have also supplied foods for the children in the North Korea. We want to build a human community where people help one another.


Ven. Pomnyun met a young lady begging money to feed milk for her baby in the street of Calcutta, India and saw two hundreds of children begging in line at Dongheswari. It was there he was determined to start international relief activities believing that helping these people is the way to keep the conscience of mankind.


JTS has provided education, medical services and village development for 12,000 untouchables who live in Dongheswari since 1993. JTS has also tried to open a way of harmony and cooperation between two Koreas by providing foods to children in North Korea and supporting the agriculture of North Korea.


JTS was approved as a corporation on August 1996 by Ministry of Health and Welfare. Ven. Pomnyun, the director of JTS, received Ramon Magsaysay award in the areas of peace and understanding on July 2002. JTS has provided educational support for Mindanao area in the Philippines to bring peace there since 2003. It obtained special status from ECOSOC on January 2007 and has provided relief activities for children in Cambodia since 2009 by establishing schools there.


Currently JTS helps people in India, North Korea, the Philippines, Cambodia, Indonesia and Sri Lanka with the motto: We Asians will solve the tragedies of poverty and sickness in Asia by ourselves. It will expand its development and relief activities to other Asian countries such as Nepal, Mongolia, Laos, Vietnam and Myanmar.


JTS has its head office in Korea and its field offices in India, the Philippines and Cambodia. JTS USA is working hard to collect money for the activities. In 2010, JTS plans to establish its office in Indonesia.


When there are calamities in the world, JTS dispatches its members to the area for urgent relief activities. It provided urgent relief activities when there was flood damage in Oritsa province, India in 1999. It positively helped people in Mongolia, Ethiopia, Afghanistan, Iran, North Korea, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, the Philippines and Indonesia when these countries got damage from earthquake or flood. It provided urgent relief activities for people in Haiti when they suffered from great earthquake in 2010.