A JTS donor gifted 1000 slippers after seeing a picture of barefooted pre-schoolers at Sujata Academy in Dungeshwari, India.

It was possible to provide slippers to all of some 1,000 children who attend pre-school at Sujata Academy with only $1,000.

Wearing slippers may be uncomfortable for the children, who are used to walking around barefoot. However, the slippers will surely protect the children’s feet from the rocks, debris, and animal waste that are common in the streets of Dungeshwari.

This may be the first time the children wear shoes.

The JTS India staff and middle school students, who are also the pre-school teachers, measured the size of the children’s feet to fit them with the right-sized slippers.

Big smiles from the children after receiving the slippers…  “Achha hai!” (It’s good!)

These slippers will last about a year. The children went home after promising to wear the slippers wherever they go.

Unfortunately, a few children were unable to receive slippers because there weren’t any sizes small enough to fit their feet. They were promised a pair in the near future.

The next morning, handwritten names could be seen on the slippers. The children had written their names on the slippers so they wouldn’t lose them.

For now, the slippers are a little too big, so they may feel somewhat uncomfortable, but the children will soon grow into them.

“Dhanyavaad!” (Thank you!)