Technically, the children who were born in Amarpur, a village inhabited by Untouchables, are allowed to attend the school in Amura, a nearby village of upper class people. However, in reality, they have not been able to attend the school in Amura for a long time due to bullying by the upper class children and indifference of the teachers. After becoming aware of the sad situation, Sujata Academy has allowed the admission of children from Amarpur since last year. About 14 children were admitted into first and second grade classes at Sujata Academy.

When the children from Amarpur first began attending Sujata Academy, their academic performance was very poor. However, after studying hard for one year, 2 children from Amarpur, one in 1st grade and the other in 2nd grade, took first place in their respective classes on their final exam. It is very rewarding to help these children get an education and watch them grow.