On Children’s Day in Korea, JTS volunteers around the country went out to the streets to raise funds for the hungry and neglected children around the world. During the two-week campaign, which ran from Saturday April 28th through Sunday May 12th, 1939 JTS volunteers and 209 ordinary citizens participated to raise a much appreciated amount of 45,454,720 Korean won (37,436.94 USD). We would like to thank all the participants for their hard work.

The fundraising campaign in Ilsan took place at La Festa Migwan Plaza. A total of 26 participants, consisting of volunteers and their families, carried out the street fundraising. It is possible to guess by the bright smiles of the participants that they all enjoyed taking part in the in the fundraising campaign. Since a lot of families participated, many expressed their thanks to their family members while sharing about their fundraising experience.

In Jeju, the street fundraising campaign was held in Aehyang schoolyard with 24 participants. The participants offered face painting for children. Thanks to active participation, they raised 660,000 Korean Won (6,000 USD). They had an enjoyable day of fundraising on a breezy and sunny day.

Songhyeon-dong in Daegu was packed with many street fundraising campaign participants. As many as 50 participants and their family members participated in the street fundraising near the roller skating area in Duryu Park. They raised a total of 820,000 Korean Won (675 USD). The campaign participants in Songhyeon-dong also had face painting as well as balloons for the children. The children must have been so happy and excited!

Lastly, in Jong-ro, the JTS street fundraising campaign took place on May 18th in the street of Poongmoon Women’s High School in Insadong. Fourteen participants came together to promote JTS and conduct street fundraising. Thanks to the generous donation of the citizens, they had a fun day of fundraising