“I’m Sorry I cannot Give More”


International relief organization JTS ( Chairman Ven. Pomnyun) sent goods to support starving North Koreans on May 19, 2011. JTS supported 53 orphanages, nursing homes, and 12,000 children in special school. The supporting goods included 360 thousands boxes of soy milk, 10 tons of baby food, 19 tons of baby formula, and winter goods filled total of 31 containers.

JTS’s support for North Korea was limited to a few areas in the past. However, starting in 2010, JTS supported nationwide except for the Pyongyang and Jagang area. 53 different orphanages, nursing homes, and special schools, including 12,000 children and elderly people, have been supported with food and other commodities.

Two times in 2010, JTS has supported 53 facilities with a total amount of 100 containers of food and other commodities.

This support was the first one after the government granted aid on March 31. We are sorry for the starving children that we cannot give them more. Our support for the 53 facilities for children has continued in 2011.

JTS support members with valuable donations gathered 360,000 soy milk, 10 tons baby food for children. This support is well-delivered to 12,000 hungry children in efforts to help children’s health.

“I’m sorry I cannot give more” – One child in North Korea can have one month’s worth of food with $5 that we spend for a lunch. We have enough to share with hungry children. We continuously need more food and basic goods for 12,000 children.