We would like to extend our deepest gratitude to all of those who have made generous donations to JTS America in 2018. Thanks to your donations we were able to provide food and necessities to refugees, medicine to the sick, and school and stationery for students with no educational opportunities. Thank you for your continuous interest and support.

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Gas Stoves for the Rohingya Refugees
JTS provided 100,000 LPG gas stoves for cooking to the Rohingya refugee camp in Bangladesh. JTS Korea funded 45,000 units of gas stoves, JTS America funded 23,000 units, and KOICA funded 32,000 units. WFP will provide the safety training and the LPG gas to the refugee camp.

Gas Stove Handover Ceremony (Link)


Jivaka Hospital
JTS operates the Jivaka Hospital in Dungeshwari, India, a village populated by the “Untouchables.” Click on the link below to read more on the interesting story about the Jivaka Hospital told by a JTS activist.

More on Jivaka Hospital (Link)


Installation of a New Water System
There is a serious water shortage in various part of the Island of Mindanao where JTS has built several schools. The scarcity of clean water is causing problems such as exposure to water-borne diseases and various skin infections, especially in children.  Therefore, JTS is installing water tanks in villages with water shortages to ensure stable supply of clean water.

Philippines, a New Water System (Link)


December, 2018 Fundraising Campaign & Rohingya Refugee Fundraising Campaign

JTS’ regular end-of-year street fundraising campaign was conducted in various cities in South Korea by JTS volunteers. Also, the end-of-year fundraising campaign and fundraising to provide gas stoves to the Rohingya refugees were carried out by JTS volunteers in various part of the world at the request of JTS America. By conducting various fundraising events such as making kimchi, yard sales, and street fundraising, JTS volunteers overseas were able to contribute a significant donation amount towards providing gas stoves to the Rohingya refugees. We extend our deepest thanks to all who contributed.

2018 Guilbot Street Fundraising (Link)


Rohingya Gas Stove Fundraising Campaign (Link)


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