Even after a busy week of studying, working, and caring for their children, there are people who spend their precious weekend at JTS Headquarters participating  in various activities that help others as well as themselves. These people  are the first generation and second generation  “Join Together Supporters” who volunteered in the first and second half of 2018, respectively.

The second generation Join Together Supporters participated in volunteer activities on 13 different occasions from October 27, 2018 until January 26, 2019. These activities included creating websites, checking the inventory of campaign items, planning promotional items, fundraising in Myeong-dong, packing items to send to Sujata Academy and volunteering for the Ansan JTS Multicultural Center.

Although the Join Together Supporters program began with 16 participants on orientation day, only 6 stayed continued to be active until the last day of the program. It must have been very difficult to leave their  warm beds every Saturday morning, but the supporters showed up at the headquarters and willingly participated in the tasks that needed to be done.  After the completion ceremony of the second generation Join Together Supporters, one of the participants, Ji Eun Kim, expressed her gratitude by saying that she had gained a wider perspective and view of the world after working with many other people on various activities in the Join Together Supporter program.