JTS America Fundraising Campaign by Jungto USA

In coordination with Jungto USA, JTS America started a street fundraising campaign in June 2011 under the slogan of “Please be a Mother to Our Starving Children around the World.”

Washington Jungto Society held the street fundraising campaign for JTS on June 19th in front of Lotte Plaza in Ellicott City, MD. Ten volunteering students from Jungto School of Buddhism participated the campaign and raised $210. Since it was a first time experience to the volunteers as a street fundraiser, they felt awkward and uneasy at first to engage with passers-by to convince them to donate for the charity. However, awkwardness went away as time passed by. They were eventually comfortable to approach and talk to passers-by. Although a colossal amount of the fund was not raised, it was a great opportunity to promote JTS and its vital works for vulnerable people around the world. Also, it was such a rewarding experience to the volunteers and a great chance to see how the mind works during the campaign.

“During the campaign today, I was able to perceive myself from whom shook head from afar showing their reluctances to listen and contribute for the charity. Now I understand the feelings of street fundraisers turned away. Upon today’s experience, I will definitely pay more attention to other volunteering fundraisers and donate for the charity.”

“I hesitated in beginning and I didn’t want to do it, but I felt comfortable later on. I feel great now after the campaign. At first, I selectively approached people who seemed nice enough to offer a donation. I realized myself being judgmental. I put down my own prejudgment. Then I was able to engage with any passers-by easily. Once I’d accepted the fact that it’s just a reasonable reaction for people to say “No”, I was just so thankful for those who said “Yes” to help others.”

San Francisco Jungto Society held a garage sale for the fundraising on June 25th and raised $239.25.

“We didn’t have many people showed up, but people who stopped by bought lots of items since the donated items were in good condition with good quality. I’d like to thank everyone who donated items as well as people who worked for the garage sale as a volunteer. The money raised today will be used to drill the water wells for safe water access in India and to help North Korean children. Thank you very much.”

New York Jungto Society also held the street fundraising from June 24th through June 26th in the metropolitan area, including Queens, Manhattan, and New Jersey, and raised $2,018.50.

The JTS fundraising day in New Jersey

I was armed with JTS shirt, a campaign ribbon and donation box. My mind was wavering, self-conscious and wanting to run away. Finally, I picked up my courage and spoke out “Hello. How are you? Can you please help our starving children by donating $1?”
People who gladly gave away $5 or $10,
People who already prepared to make a donation,
People who offered kind words encouraging us
My cowered mind beamed out of happiness.
Thank you, thank you so much, Have a great day!!
I was shouting out with joy.
I am so thankful to the people for sharing their kind and warm hearts.
I felt great–for my heart that was yelling out for joy.
Yes, we are one!

The donations will be used to save children in the 3rd world countries, suffering from malnourishment and dying out of disease without basic medical treatment. Also the fund will be spent to provide North Korean children starving to death with powdered milk, infant foods, and medicines, etc. We thank all Jungto members and supporters of JTS America from the bottom of heart for your contribution to make the better world filled with more smile.