Twelve members of Vancouver Jungto Society held a fundraising yard sale for JTS America on July 15th, 2017. Mrs. Jung Rye Kim, who provided lunch and the site for the yard sale, expressed that she was happy to prepare lunch for the fundraisers. She wanted to do something for them since she has felt bad about missing some of the weekly Buddhist services at Vancouver Jungto Society in order to take care of her mother-in- law suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. A student of Jungto Buddhist College at Vancouver Jungto Society participated in the fundraiser with her three lively children. While preparing for the yard sale, the organizers were worried that they wouldn’t be able to collect enough things to sell. However, thanks to the large quantity of goods donated by friends and acquaintances, the yard sale was a huge success. Some members of Vancouver Jungto Society who couldn’t participate in the fundraiser sent letters and donations, contributing to the total of $717 Canadian dollars raised for JTS America. Even though it was a small fundraising effort, all the participants were very happy to be part of it.