To celebrate the Buddha’s birthday, the members of the Jacksonville Jungto Society in Florida suggested making and selling kimchi to help those in North Korea. At first, we all were worried whether we would be able to do so. Thankfully, a local farm understood our good-will and donated seven boxes of cabbage. A woman, who is not even a member of the Jungto society, took the time to help out. Those who came worked profusely but joyfully, salting and seasoning the large amount of cabbage, placing the kimchi in glass jars, and then selling the kimchi to Korean neighbors. It wasn’t an easy job, which took all day long. However, we felt a great sense of satisfaction knowing we worked together for a good-cause.


All the $605 dollars we made from selling forty-one jars of kimchi was donated to JTS in order to help those suffering in North Korea.  We all know that happiness is not having everything we want, but sharing what we have, however small it is,  with others and opening our hearts to those in need. We were all so happy today because we had an opportunity to help those in need.