We want to share some good news about a recent successful yard sale in Fortlee, New Jersey. Ten volunteers raised $475 this past August 13 running the fundraiser from the backyard of the New Jersey Jungto Society.
To prepare for the yard sale, we contacted each of our members in the area and asked for donation items we could sell. We then advertised online both in English and Korean and posted yards signs around the neighborhood. The remaining items were donated to Hispanic acquaintances who plan to send them to Honduras and Haiti.
For JTS members, the yard sale provided an opportunity to donate unused goods in their homes, so instead of gathering dust in the closet, the items could be reused by others. The yard sale also made it possible for local residents to purchase good quality items at affordable prices.
In addition, the remaining items were donated to people who plan to send them to developing countries in Central America and the Caribbean.
Some of our Volunteers Shared their Experiences

– While it was difficult sort through the used goods and at the same time moving to the JTS center, I’m glad that most of the goods have found new homes.
– I eagerly explained to our yard sale customers about the value of goods that I had donated. While I was a little sad to let go of the items, it was rewarding to see them find new owners.
– I had a pleasant conversation about recycling and the environment with a young man who was shyly picking out clothes for his parents and wife.
– I was pleased to see a lady who told me she had lost a lot of weight and was searching for a nice dress for herself. Overall, I liked the warm atmosphere of the yard sale where I felt I was sharing more than just material goods.
– Looking at the large amount of near new clothes, dishes, and home appliances donated for the event, it made me rethink about the issues of consumerism.
– It felt good to participate in an event that was both fun and productive! At times, I was confused about whether we were working or playing.
– I was happy to know that all the remaining books and other items from the yard sale would be sent to children in Honduras and Haiti.
– Today, technology is developing so rapidly that expensive electrical goods quickly become trash. It is almost impossible to use something to the end of its lifetime. So the yard sale was even more important to me.