We would like to extend our sincere appreciation and gratitude to everyone who made donations in 2018 for the people in need all around the world, whether it be a one-time or monthly donation. Since February, some of our supporters have sent us donations for the Rohingya refugees. Thank you for your generous donations.

The donations you make become food for hungry children, hope for the children who are unable to attend school, and medicine for sick children.

After the second round of aid to the Rohingya refugees in January 2018, JTS field officers took another preliminary survey and have been searching for additional ways to support the Rohingya refugees. Between November 2017 and February 2018, school supplies were provided to 28 schools in rural Maguindanao Province, the Philippines. It was touching to see the students show such a passion for learning despite their challenging circumstances.

JTS Relief Aid for Rohingya Refugees in Bangladesh

Video created after the second round of aid to the Rohingya refugees in January 2018
School Supplies for 28 Schools in the Muslim Region of Maguindanao

Just like it did last year, JTS provided notebooks, pencils, pens, and erasers to the students. JTS staff distributed sketchbooks and crayons for students in kindergarten through third grade and presented watercolor paint and brushes to students in fourth grade through sixth grade. Additionally, volleyballs and nets were distributed to the schools.

Provided school supplies to San Mateo School

Delivering school supplies over unpaved roads


Distributing school supplies

Provided school supplies to Kagahuman School


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Please check the attached file for the list of donations received from January 2018 until February 2018 (donations made by February 28th, 2018).

Thank you always for your interest and generous donations to JTS.
We hope for your continuous interest and support.
Thank you.