Semi-annual JTS street-fundraising campaigns are held in May. Many people have participated in the fundraising, and many have made donations to JTS. We would like to extend our deepest gratitude to all of those who have made donations and for supporting JTS in the effort to aid those in need around the world.

The donations you make become food for the hungry, medicine for the sick, and hope for the children with no educational opportunities.

Twenty expert technicians from the Seoul Facilities Management Corporation (SFMC) visited the JTS Sujata Academy in India from March 5th to the 13th of 2018. During their stay, the technicians volunteered their expertise for maintenance and repair work around the school, as well as providing entertainment for the students.

On May 5th, Guilbut (a gathering of artist and experts working in broadcast, film, and plays who have come together for spiritual practice and community service) conducted their Children’s Day semi-annual JTS street fundraising campaign in Myungdong of Seoul, Korea.

The volunteers of SFMC conducted much needed repair work in Sujata Academy, as well spending some fun time with the students.

Departure to Sujata Academy

Painting the walls of Sujata Academy

Repairing broken bicycles

Installation of solar panels on the roof

Performance for the students of Sujata Academy

On May 5th of 2018, Guilbut conducted their annual JTS Children’s Day street fundraising campaign. Actors Jimin Han, Jongok Bae, Soyi Yoon, Semi Yim, Heejoon Lee, Byeonghoon Lee, Seungdo Baek, Jeonghyeon Han, Jaewoo Lee, Eunkyung Baek, Moonkyung Choi, and Jongho Cha, as well as models Hyejeong Lee, Hyeonmin Han participated in the campaign. The 2018 fundraising campaign raised money for the education of children in impoverished Asian countries such as India and the Philippines. A large number of people made donations during the fundraising, contributing to the efforts of JTS to provide children in need the chance to live healthy lives and attend school.

Actress Jongok Bae participating in the street fundraising

Soyi Yoon, Hyeonmin Han, Heejoon Lee, Jimin Han, Jongok Bae

Actor Jaewoo Lee

After the JTS Children’s Day street fundraising campaign

Video of the 2018 Guilbut’s Children’s Day Street Fundraising in Myungdong

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