JTS Philippines has built three dormitories in the Philippines, including Talakag SPED (Special Education), Sumilao SPED, and Makapari Dormitory in Damulog. They were built to prevent the students with special needs and those who live far away from discontinuing their studies.

On July 16th, JTS Philippines provided new mattress covers for Makapari Dormitory. Makapari Dormitory was the last to receive the mattress covers after Talakag SPED and Sumilao SPED.

The mattress covers were provided to enable students to live in a cleaner environment. JTS Phillippine President Won-Ju Lee made the 200 mattress covers for the dormitories. He had the covers lined with a rubber band so they can be easily put on and removed from the mattresses. 

Ms. Pifito, the teacher in charge of the Macapari Dormitory expressed her gratitude by saying, “They are so pretty, and the student will be able to sleep on clean beds.” When asked if she had any concerns about the students, she said, “It is good that students who live far away can live at the dormitory, but since there are more students now, the dormitory is noisier than before.” It seems that teachers in both South Korea and the Philippines have similar worries.