Last year, JTS America moved its office from New Jersey to Maryland. The new address is 4361 Aitcheson Rd. Beltsville, MD 20705.

Please send your donations to the new address. Also, if you are making recurring monthly donations through your bank, please notify your bank about our new address.

We would like to extend our sincere thanks to those who made donations for the 2017 December Annual Fundraising Campaign. The campaign has been extended until the end of January, 2018. Thank you for your generous donations.

The donations you make become food for hungry children, hope for the children who are unable to attend school, and medicine for sick children.

During the year 2017, JTS helped rebuild schools in Nepal which were damaged due to earthquakes, supported Sujata Academy in India, provided school supplies and uniforms to schools in Mindanao, The Philippines, undertook the extension of Bangalit Elementary School, and completed the construction of a boarding building for the Makapari High School in Damulog. JTS also provided relief aid for flood victims in Sri Lanka and India and distributed relief aid goods to refugees in Marawi, the Philippines and to the Rohingya refugees. In January 2018, JTS provided a second shipment of relief aid goods to the Rohingya refugees.

Completion ceremony at the school that was rebuilt after being damaged by the earthquake in Nepal (January, 2017)

Supplementary nutrition support for underweight children in India (May, 2017)

First grade entrance ceremony at Sujata Academy (May, 2017)

Provided school supplies to San Mateo School and Nunebo School in the Philippines
(May, 2017)

Emergency relief aid to refugees in Marawi, the Philippines (June, 2017)

Emergency relief aid for flood damages in Sri Lanka (June, 2017)

Emergency relief aid for flood damages in India (August, 2017)

First shipment of relief aid for the Rohingya refugees (October, 2017)

We provided a 15Kg bag of rice and a mosquito net to each of 700 households.

Building Extension Ceremony at the Magalit Elementary School in the Philippines (December, 2017)

Dormitory Building Completion Ceremony at the Makapari High School in Damulog, the Philippines (December, 2017)

Second shipment of emergency relief aid to the Rohingya refugees (January, 2018)
On January 5, 2018, JTS field officers took a preliminary survey of the Kutupalong and Thinghali refugee camps among the 12 Rohingya refugee camps. They found that what the refugees needed the most were rice and blankets to get through the cold weather, so they decided to provide those two items.

JTS field officers Jeonyeon Choi and Soonyoung Kim were dispatched to Bangladesh to provide emergency relief aid to the Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh. On January 10, 2018, they successfully distributed a 15Kg bag of rice and a blanket to each of 2,000 households.

JTS will continue to support the Rohingya refugees. Thank you for your interest and generous donations.

Thanks to the generous donations from supporters like you, JTS has been able to provide relief aid rapidly and continuously to those in need. We will always do our best to make sure your valuable donations are used for those who need help the most. Thank you.

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Thank you always for your interest and generous donations to JTS.
We hope for your continuous interest and support.
Thank you.