Love & Support for people in need


Street fund-raising campaign held by Gilbut in Children’s Day in Korea, 5/8/2017

In South Korea, on May 5th of every year when is Children’s Day in Korea, a street fund-raising campaign is held by Gilbut, a community of people working in the entertainment industry who practice according to Buddhist principles. The funds raised during the campaign will be donated to Join Together Society (JTS), an International Relief Organization that has been granted Special Consultative Status from UN ECOSOC. The funds will be spent on helping the children around to world who are suffering from hunger, disease and illiteracy in accordance with the basic mottos of JTS, which are “The hungry should be fed. The sick should be cured. The children should be educated.” This year, like in previous years, a large number of celebrities and other volunteers from the entertainment industry participated in the street fund-raising campaign.

The 2017 JTS fund-raising campaign by Gilbut ended with a group picture of all the participants including the celebrities and other volunteers.


Washington D.C. Garage Sale

On June 5th, the Washington Jungto society had a yard sale, raising $213, selling donated goods, plus $287 in other donations. The grand total of $500 was sent to JTS. 11 members of Washington Jungto society and their friends donated their used belongings for the cause. On the day of the event, the organizers arrived at 7:00am to post signs on the street and in front of the venue of the yard sale. They also set up tables and spread mats on the yard to display the items for sale.
Around 8:00am, neighbors started to show up to the yard sale. The price of the items was low but some customers tried to negotiate for a better bargain. When the organizers explained that the yard sale was a JTS fundraising event, some people were happy to donate additional money.

Several Jungto members walked around explaining to customers the purpose of the event and made extra efforts to raise funds. Everyone was happy to participate in the yard sale. The organizers only had a short amount of time to prepare for the yard sale and didn’t feel that they were going to have enough merchandise. However, by the day of the yard sale they had gathered together enough used goods to make the event very successful. There was no assigned director, but all the members came together to work hard for the event, and everything went very smoothly. They are helping children in North Korea and the survivor of the earthquake in Haiti by donating the money they raised to JTS America. They were all happy to volunteer because they are making a difference in this world.


Jacksonville Jungto in Florida: Held a garage sale for Haiti Quake relief victims

Jacksonville Jungto in Florida held a garage sale for Haiti Quake Relief victims on May 15th, 2010. The Haiti garage sale was held to help honor Buddha’s birthday. Everyone shared their hearts to do something meaningful with JTS America’s Haiti & North Korea Relief effort. Since it was the Jacksonville Jungto’s first garage sale, there were so many things to prepare like ads and other things. Everyone put their hearts together. Even children shared their belongings willingly and sold coffee and cookies that they had baked voluntarily on the spot. So to speak, one of the best ways to purify our hearts and minds is “sharing.” We held the event with the idea of “Sharing” but we got so much more than we gave. It was such a blessing to have this event on Buddha’s birthday. $521 was donated and all was sent to JTS America. I hope all of you will receive the blessings we share


San Francisco Jungto Society: Feed the Children Fund Raising

San Francisco Jungto Society raised $992 holding a garage sale partnering with JTS relief campaign “Join us for a meal, my friend!”, which is organized to help support children at orphanages and schools in North Korea.


Seattle Jungto Society: “Sharing Buddha’s mercy and compassion with JTS”

$1050 raised on the occasion of celebrating the 2554th Buddha’s Birthday was sent to JTS for practicing Buddha’s mercy and compassion.


“Feeding my starving children” Fundraising Campaign Joined JTS Korea with “Companionship” members

This campaign aims at raising public awareness about global hunger as well as raising funds for the starving children. After a day on the Myung-dong streets in Korea, JTS and Companionship members have collected $5000.