JTS India staff delivered relief goods to Tripura in northeastern India, which suffered flood damages in June, 2018.

From July to August, for almost a month, members of the Jungto Medical Team (JMT) conducted a medical service trial on Mindanao Island in the Philippines as part of JMT’s first overseas project.

In August the Ansan JTS Multicultural Center, established for multicultural families in Korea, celebrated its third anniversary.

JTS India staff and a person of the Chakma people, the majority whom live in the flooded region of Tripura, travelled for a total of 23 hours to get to Tripura from Dungeshwari.

With the help of the village leaders in Tripura Manu, JTS India staff provided 224 households that had suffered flood damages with 25 kilograms of rice, 1 kilogram of Dal, and 1 liter of mustard oil.

In Pecharthal, where the flood damage was more severe, the Block Development officer helped JTS staff select flood-damaged households. In order to provide relief goods to all those who needed them with their limited budget, JTS India staff decided to just give 25 kilograms of rice and 1 liter of mustard oil to each household and not the Dal given in Manu.

Distribution of coupons that can be exchanged for JTS relief goods to the flood victims

Discussion with Block Development officers

Distribution of relief goods in front of the Block Development Office

After the completion of the distribution of relief goods

Dr. Jin Seok Kim founded the “Jungto Medical Team” with other medical professionals in Jungto Society. The medical team chose Mindanao Island in the Philippines for its first small scale medical service trial. Three medical doctors including an oriental medicine doctor performed medical service in remote areas on Mindanao Island.

Treatment of children on Mindanao Island, the Philippines

Patient with a leg injury received while operating farm equipment

Medical volunteers

When the Ansan JTS Multicultural Center was first established in 2015, Ven. Pomnyun Sunim, the chairman of JTS, foresaw that in the near future foreigners would make up 10 percent of the population. That is already the case in Ansan, and that is reason the first multicultural center was established in the city. It has been already 3 years since its opening, so the Center organized a celebration.

The first part of the celebration was holding a Nabie (sharing & emptying) yard sale. Then, in the second part of the celebration, all the people invited to the celebration had dinner together. The food consisted of dishes from various countries such as Sri Lankan Parippu, Cambodian stir fried beans, North Korean Song-Pyeon (rice cake), Thai Phat-Thai, and others.

With a multicultural family

Nabie (sharing & emptying) yard sale

Third anniversary celebration video

Group photo after the third anniversary celebration

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