We would like to extend our deepest thanks to all of those who have made generous donations to JTS America. Thanks to your donations, we were able to provide food and necessities to refugees, medicine to the sick, and school supplies and education to children who lacked educational opportunities. Thank you for your continued interest and support.

They Are All Our Children

Every winter and summer break, Join Together Society (JTS) provides simple nutritional packages to children who have to prepare their own meals during the school break. This summer, JTS provided nutritional packages to 206 children. The volunteers of JTS were thankful to be able to deliver the packages at the beginning of the summer break. They Are All Our Children. (http://www.jtsamerica.org/they-are-all-our-children-2019-nutritional-packages/)

Jungto Medical Team’s Medical Service Activities in the Philippines

The Jungto Medical Teams held a launching ceremony for medical service activities in the Philippines on July 7th, 2019. The advance team of the medical volunteers carried out medical services in Mindanao, the Philippines from July 20th until August 16th. The main team conducted medical services from August 3rd until August 10th. A total of 14 medical volunteers consisting of medical doctors, dentists, oriental medicine doctors, pharmacists, nurses, and dental hygienists were dispatched to Mindanao. The volunteers of the Jungto Medical Team worked from early morning until late in the evening and provided medical, oriental medicine, and dental treatments to a total of 900 patients.  

Sewing Class Graduation Ceremony in India

After the sewing classes opened last March, students learned how to sew for 3 months. The students were divided into two groups: the beginner’sclass consisting of 18 students and the intermediate class consisting of 16 students. The students spent their time productively making various items such as bags and blouses. The sewing class graduation ceremony, attended by 16 beginner class students and 14 intermediate class students, was held in May Sewing Class Graduation Ceremony in India (http://www.jtsamerica.org/sewing-class-graduation-ceremony-in-india/)

“It Was All Made Possible, Thanks to You”

Dear JTS Donors,
I hope you are all well. JTS had a busy summer of actively conducting the “Fundraising Campaign to Send 10,000 Tons of Corn to North Korea.” I am happy to deliver the good news that all 10,000 tons of corn have been provided to North Korea. Your support and trust have motivated and helped JTS overcome various difficulties. JTS will continue to provide aid to those in most need of help. I would like to extend sincere thanks to all of you on behalf of JTS. I would like to tell you a story that shows how grateful the North Korean residents are for the corn provided by JTS. I asked a North Korean how the miners were able to carry 50kg bags up the hill to the mining company storage. He said that the miners had never seen such good quality corn, and they were so happy that they all carried the sacks of corn up the hill with joyful laughter. He added that “rain during a drought” was not enough to express the value of the corn they received, and they could not express in words how thankful they were.  
Excerpts from Ven. Pomnyun Sunim’s Dharma Talk on August 7th, 2019    

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