– The story of Lim Jae-gyu who provided glasses to the children of Korean diaspora –

After their parents went through a divorce, these fourth-generation Korean diaspora children live with their mother. The mother has an unstable income, so buying new glasses for her children was an impossible dream. When Dharma teacher Wolgang of the Ansan JTS Multicultural Center heard about the plight of this family, she set out to look for someone who could help. She contacted an eyeglass store owner, Lim Jae-gyu who gladly agreed to provide new glasses for the children.

Of the three children, the oldest who is in eighth grade and the middle child who is in fifth grade only needed minor vision correction with glasses. However, the youngest who is in first grade appeared to have a lazy eye and had such bad eyesight that he would barely make it above 0.6 eyesight level even after correction, which is rare and quite serious for his age. The eye doctor emphasized that he needed to wear glasses every day and receive an eye exam every six months because otherwise, his eyesight would become extremely bad. It took two days for the youngest boy to get his new glasses because the lenses had to be custom made. Thanks to the new glasses, the three brothers looked bright and happy.