The residents of Swaraj Bigha are leading the effort to rebuild a pre-school to replace the old one that was torn down because it was old and was in danger of collapsing. Everyone in the village is working together on this project. The construction team is in charge of the construction planning and supply of materials, while the village development team is sending announcements to the communal workers and checking their attendance. When construction slowed down due to the drop in attendance or shortage of male workers, a meeting was held in the village to provide encouragement.

The communal workers broke off the cement stuck to the bricks of the old building and piled the bricks on one side so they could be reused. They also carried cement and sand to the construction site so that the technicians and workers could build the walls of the pre-school. Soon, the workers will be depositing concrete and doing the plasterwork. The pre-school is well on its way to completion thanks to the hard work and active participation of the people of the village community.