People with warm hearts
who want to help people
in need meet each other


By sharing what we have,
regardless of race, religion,
ethnicity, gender, and ideology


This is the society in which
we all work together

We Work in
Developing Countries
to Alleviate Poverty

We wish to carry out relief projects to eradicate starvation, disease, and illiteracy in third world countries such as India and the Philippines, and to create a global community of people who help each other.

JTS News and Stories

JTS America

An international humanitarian relief organization
dedicated to helping communities and families overcome poverty, sickness, and illiteracy

The Goal

of JTS America

We wish to practice humanitarianism by helping those in need around the globe, who are not able to receive an education due to poverty and social discrimination and end up leading a life of poverty and disease.

We Are On A Mission

To Help The Helpless


We are a 100% VOLUNTEER
operated organization.

When you give, 97% of
every dollar goes straight
to the needy.

The hungry should have food
The sick should be treated
Children should be educated