Since JTS America was founded in 1994, the organization has been run entirely by volunteers. This has made it possible to keep operation costs at only 3%-4% of the budget so that the majority of the proceeds directly go towards helping those in need. Today, there are thousands of full-time and part-time JTS volunteers around the world participating in various activities from street fundraising to administrative work without any form of compensation. As volunteers of JTS America, we feel happy and proud to play a role in eradicating illiteracy, disease, and famine and improving the lives of people around the world.


Gina Park

President of JTS

“I’ve been conducting relief activities for the past 20 years as if it was the most natural thing in the world. I have never thought of what I do as volunteer work. I just worked without thinking about whether I was helping other people or not. As I worked diligently on projects, they sometimes grew into bigger ones, which naturally required me to work more. I have continued this work because it is beneficial to others and makes me feel good. When I come back from international relief work and people thank me for my efforts, I feel embarrassed about being praised for something I simply enjoy doing.”

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Dr. Dughong Min

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Dr. Juyoung Yoo

Administrative Manager
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Becky Ha

Contents Manager
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EunHae Kim

Activity Manager
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Yong Jun Jung

Web Design
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Bella Hwang

Web Design / Translation
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Lynn Lee

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Eun Joo Kim

Data Entry
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Sungho Kim

Data Organization
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Eunhee Choi

Data Management
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Juhi Lee

Database Administrator
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Daniel Kim

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Dr. Minji Jeong


We are a 100% VOLUNTEER
operated organization.

When you give, 97% of
every dollar goes straight
to the needy.

The hungry should have food
The sick should be treated
Children should be educated